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Why Charter Catamarans Yachts?

Your choice between chartering a Catamaran or a Monohull yacht is purely a personal preference.

There are many features of a catamaran that made it suitable and recommended for charter.  With a small draft the Catamaran can enter shallow anchorages, and be away from the crowds. You just have more options for your charter. This can be very useful in Singapore’s context, especially if you are keen to explore the little islands around Singapore. Another great advantage of chartering a Catamaran the all round view you have from most catamaran bridge decks.

In the average sailboat you are down below and you can never have good all round view while staying indoors. It will be pure pleasure to be able to sit on the bridge deck of a catamaran and enjoy the scenery while having your meals, read your book or enjoy a conversation with your mates. Because of the large wide deck areas, there is a great amount of space for your guest to room about. With large amount of space, Catamarans are perfect events such as wedding solemnization or corporate for small groups.

Catamarans are also great for less experienced boaters that may to be used to moving around in tighter spaces. Catamarans offers a lot of privacy for those who require on their charters. With the hulls joined to the bridge-deck there is lot of privacy as the accommodation is spread out over a very wide space. The corners of the boat are usually where the separate cabins and the head are, all very separated from the activity of the seating and lounging areas and the galley. Hence, providing great amounts of privacy.

In general, Catamarans are great for charters. If you are less experienced in boating, we recommend you charter one of our catamarans. Please check in and let us help you with your charter.